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Acne is often thought of a “teenager’s condition” but the reality is that it can persist well into adulthood. This is because acne is a skin condition caused by bacteria which invade the sebaceous glands (these glands secrete sebum, an oily type of substance which we need to lubricate and waterproof our skin). Unfortunately, the bacteria cause these glands to become inflamed, leading to the redness and swelling of acne.
The sebaceous glands are most common on our faces, upper neck and chest, which not only means that acne is highly visible but also means that people try to treat acne with methods that may actually damage the skin more. Sadly, this can lead in many cases to sufferers being left with embarrassing and unsightly scars.
If you are experiencing acne or acne-related issues, the great news is that the Unique Beauty and Laser Clinic has a treatment option that can help you reduce the incidence of acne and revitalise your skin by removing the signs of acne scarring. This treatment is known as Intense Pulsed Light and is a safe and gentle way to effectively clear your skin.
As the name suggests, Intense Pulsed Light works through a specifically-designed, hand-held flashgun to send short but intense bursts of light into the skin. These light-bursts are carefully screened to remove damaging light-waves such as the ultraviolet wavelengths, leaving a beam which is used to target and destroy the bacteria which cause acne.
IPL also provides very effective treatment for acne scarring because the same process of using selective wavelengths can be used to target the “pits”, red spots or scars caused by acne. The IPL light-bursts can be used to selectively destroy the pigment cells that have caused the signs of acne, allowing the skin to rejuvenate and take on a more consistent appearance. It should be noted that IPL does not actually remove the scars but it changes the appearance of the skin so that the variations in colour and tone are removed, leaving a far more pleasing appearance.
The good news is that having IPL treatments is a quick process - most sessions last from twenty to thirty minutes. And IPL is a fairly painless way to achieve results. You may experience some warming at the skin site, and some people report a prickling sensation, but the gel applied before treatment solves most of these issues. IPL is also positive for most people, with very few side-effects – following treatment there may be redness for a few hours but this quickly passes. It is important to remember that IPL is a safe, effective and non-surgical method of improving the appearance of skin affected by acne.
Here at Unique we find that clients usually need a series of three or more treatments, depending on your goals and initial skin condition.


Here at Unique Beauty and Laser Clinic we use the term “pigmentation” to refer to any changes in the colour of parts of the skin and the effects may be known by many names such as liver spots, age spots, freckles and more. The main underlying cause is an excess of melanin, the pigment which colours the skin. The amount of melanin determines the depth and size of a spot, and also affects the success of traditional treatments.

In the past, people have attempted to reduce the impact of pigmented spots by applying so-called “vanishing creams,” but these have the side-effect of causing white spots on the skin which can be just as obvious and embarrassing as the original spot. Similarly, cauterising and freezing the skin can leave unsightly after-effects which we, at Unique, have noticed are unsatisfactory for many people.

Unique Beauty and Laser Clinic employs Intense Pulsed Light therapy to successfully and effectively treat pigmentation problems. Intense Pulsed Light works through a specifically-designed, hand-held flashgun to send short but intense bursts of light into the skin. These light-bursts are carefully screened to remove damaging light-waves such as the ultraviolet wavelengths, leaving them able to target the melanin build-up and destroy it. By being done gently and carefully, only the melanin is affected and the natural colour of the area is preserved.

IPL treatment is fast and effective and a typical session of just twenty to thirty minutes allows a large number of spots to be treated. Clients simple need to make sure that they are not wearing make-up, fake tan or sun block. The treatment itself is relatively painless, giving most people a feeling of warmth and mild pin-pricking at each treatment site.

Following your session, you are likely to experience redness and a feeling like sunburn but this passes quickly. You can also expect some swelling at each point, and this can be significant if many spots are treated at the same time, close together. Following treatment, the skin will darken where the melanin has been destroyed and, within a few days, each point crusts and then washes off, very much like the scab on a wound. Scarring is very uncommon and the skin normally resumes its pre-pigmentation colour and appearance. Clients should be aware that they should use an SPF50 sunscreen to reduce the risk of pigmentation reoccurring.

Here at Unique we find that the number of required treatments varies, depending on the number and nature of the pigmentation, but results are evident from the first time onward.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU rejuvenates the most visible parts of the upper body – the face, neck and upper chest - using non-surgical, non-invasive techniques. HIFU uses focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the production of collagen, which has the effect of toning, tightening and lifting loose skin. The technique is not painful but can sometimes produce short-term, minor discomfort (so much better than surgery!)

The process is able to lift and firm the skin around the eyes, on the eyelids and on the forehead. HIFU also effectively tightens and rejuvenates skin in areas traditionally associated with loose skin, such as the cheeks, jowls and along the jaw-line. It can also be very effective on the “laugh lines” that extend from the sides of the nose to the tips of the lips.

HIFU lifts the face and restores both skin tone and a more youthful appearance, all without surgery (or recovery time). Here at Unique, clients can see immediate results right from the first treatment, and can also expect to see further improvements in facial and neck skin over the following few months. The benefits of the lift last for up to twelve months and prove very pleasing and beneficial.

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