Microblading is the technique used to create new look, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. These eyebrows are created using delicate, super-fine hair strokes which look natural and realistic.

Eyebrows are created using a “pen” made up of a number of very fine needles, which are so fine that they can tattoo hair lines that perfectly imitate your natural hair look. The needles implant only into the topmost layers of the skin (unlike permanent tattooing – cosmetic or otherwise) and it is this feature which makes microblading semi-permanent, not permanent. Treatments consist of a first main session, usually followed by a touch-up about one month later.

Here at Unique Beauty and Laser Clinic, we find that the effects of microblading last between twelve months and three years, with the differences due to clients’ lifestyles. If you are a sun-lover, the higher exposure will tend to fade the pigments faster. Also, if you use exfoliating scrubs near your eyebrows, the fact that they lift the top layers of skin means that they will take those layers which contain the microbladed pigments too.

But if you want a natural-looking, long-lasting reshape of your eyebrows, microblading is the way to go!



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