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Multi-Plasma Treatment
Multi-Plasma Treatment is a revolutionary technology which delivers non-surgical rejuvenation of the face and skin. As plasma treatments do not involve any surgical procedures, clients do not need anaesthetics and the associated recovery time. In just twenty to thirty minutes, the treatment can produce significant improvements to a range of skin conditions – face lifting, spots, moles, acne and other similar conditions are all potentially treatable.

The plasma device works by heating, but not burning, the dermis (the deeper skin level), causing the cells in that region to need replacement. Replacement takes place in the time after treatment, allowing new skin cells to form, and giving a fresh appearance. Plasma – a liquefied gas which develops when solids are turned into gases, in a process known as sublimation – is produced during treatment. This has the side-effect of generating a visible smoke during treatment but that is actually a positive sign that the treatment is working.

The process generally results in some slight swelling and in the formation of small scabs at the treatment sites. These are accompanied, however, by immediate visual improvements in skin tone and condition, and the improvements continue to be seen over several weeks after treatment.

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