Buttocks and Breast Lifting

Non-surgical Buttocks Lifting 

Gluteal tone and attractiveness (the gluteal muscles are the group of three muscles which make up the buttocks) make up one of the most problematic areas for women, as this is where, most often, there are accumulations of cellulite and excess fat. Due to the passage of time, this area loses its firmness and changes its shape; in addition, our modern sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are often to blame for this body area become flattened or drooping.

At Unique Beauty and Laser Clinic, through our new and innovative technology using the most sophisticated technology of Vacuum Therapy, you can expect to correct the tone of the buttocks, focusing excess body fat in the desired position.

Non-Surgical Breast Lifting and enhancement

Vacuum Therapy is based on the tried and tested principles of Chinese medicine, which dates back to many centuries. Combining this process with the latest in technological advancements allows us to provide a uniquely effective treatment. In addition to the vacuum suction, we use intense pulse light (IPL) therapy, radiofrequency massage and light therapy.

The session lasts approximately 30 minutes, during which time the combined technologies will increase the blood flow in the capillaries, thickening the connective tissue and encouraging enlargement of the breasts.



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